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Corrugated Acoustical Baffles for Ceilings


ALPRO® Corrugated Acoustical Ceiling Baffles provide effective acoustics and aesthetic interest in open plenum areas where reverberant noise is a problem, Ceiling baffles ship complete with mounting accessories for easy installation. Each modular unit consists of corrugated metal panels and structural metal frames surrounding acoustically absorbent material. Ceiling Baffles may be suspended horizontally in a cloud format, or be suspended vertically with the corrugated panels on each side. ALPRO ceiling baffles are quick to install, making them a cost-effective solution for controlling reverberant noise in existing facilities. Because ALPRO ceiling baffles undergo powder-coating post-fabrication using Gordon's AAMA 2604 durable finish, they are protected from corrosion making them uniquely appropriate for use in industrial facilities such as water treatment plants, or in humid environments such as natatoriums, as well as in gymnasiums and auditoriums. Choose from 8 corrugation patterns. Standard perforation offers 13.2% open area and can achieve NRC ratings of 1.00 or above. Panels are available in aluminum or steel.
Manufacturer: Gordon, Inc.
Product Material: Metal
Functionality: Acoustical, Cleanable

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